Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying to put a fresh face forward

I had a woman come up to me (someone I know, but not well) and say "I have something for you".  She wrote down the name of a skin care product, and told me "I used this when I was younger, and it worked miracles for my zits - you should try it".  I politely smiled and said 'Thank You'.

I'd used this product once.  It burned my face after that one use.

It's been very difficult for me the last few years.  I never really had a problem with acne as a teen, but after I started having kids it's gotten worse.


I've tried every product that I can afford, and nothing is really making an impact on the problem.  I'm adjusting my diet, but even then, I still don't see anything changing.

I hate make-up, I just don't feel comfortable when I wear it because I have to have it caked on to hide the problem.

I want to look presentable, but this is getting out of control.

What do I do?